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About Sound Candy

  • 2007-07-04 (水)
Sound Park
Three type of sound candy

Sound Candy is a device with which anyone in the world can create his/her own playground anywhere of using sound and movements around him/her.In our daily life, we are surrounded by the "Kings of Entertainment" such as theme parks and home video game machines. However, without such entertainment, we must be able to create a new "Playground" by using ordinary stones and wood sticks around us. Sound Candy is designed that people repossess the experience of creating "The new play" with their own hand.In its small body, Sound Candy can be attached to any part of our body and almost objects, Sound Candy has two functions as follows. First, it has a recording function. Second, it has a function to integrate the recorded sounds and the signals from the sensors, such as vibration or acceleration caused from variety of movements. So users attach Sound Candy to their body or objects, and can convert the recorded sounds in various ways by selecting a play mode from four play modes; Angle Mode. Vibration Mode, Speed Mode and Rotation Mode.

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